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Trabajos de Cruz is a company owned and operated by Joseph E. Cruz, a native to this area of New Mexico. He is a licensed general contractor that is also licensed commercially. His crew is a collection of skilled craftsmen who take pride in their work and view each project, not as a “job” but as an individual work of art that will compliment the client’s property and still retain that “Taos” flavor.

Trabajos de Cruz was officially licensed in April 2001. Mr. Cruz’s goals for the business, besides making a living, focused on the love of working with his hands and the love of art. He listened to his clients’ needs then worked at fulfilling them in such a way that it could be said that it was “artfully done”.

Taos, New Mexico is a unique area. Unique to New Mexico, the United States, perhaps the world. There is a blend of many different cultural thoughts and goals, some old some new, but all unique. Being a native to the Taos area, Mr. Cruz wants people to taste Taos. He strives to keep that “Taos” look and this is reflected in the works that he has done over the years. Trabajos de Cruz’s construction practices are mindful of the area’s culture and that of the environment thereby uses resources that are readily available in this area. Even when using “synthetics”, it is done so in a manner to appear native and keeps that Taoseño atmosphere.

The clients  that Trabajos de Cruz works for are viewed as friends and because of this, the company works hard to meet their needs and desires but still staying within their budgets as much as possible. To do that, various methods are used that will produce a fine, safe, finished project yet be economically feasible.

The business goal of Trabajos de Cruz is not to grow larger as a company but to remain small so as to continue perfecting the practices that have made the works of Trabajos de Cruz so sought after.

What types of work does Trabajos de Cruz do?

Anasazi Stone methods of  landscaping, garden walls, retaining walls

Native and Mountain stone methods of landscaping, garden walls, retaining walls

Stone walls

Indoor and Outdoor fireplaces with plaster, mud plaster or stone veneer

Stained concrete floors

And other general contracting

Contact Trabajos de Cruz for all your building needs and you experience that which others have already experienced:

” Your Project will be Artfully Done

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